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Wheel Peening Coating

Wheel Peening Coating
Wheel Shot Peening
Wheel Blasting Process


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The wheel peening coating is applied to tubes of smaller sizes to work harden them to the best hardness and strength. The method is fast that it has overtaken more conventional methods in modern production systems. The wheel shot peening is also effective in lightweight and low cost piping systems. A single machine can be used to wheel pan different sizes and types of metallic objects. The products peened are mostly leaf springs, gears and coil springs to enable them to have the highest mechanical properties possible. The wheel blasting process involves cleaning the material first before peening. The shot peening is an alternative suggestion for materials that cannot otherwise be treated.

Wheel Peening

Wheel Peening is a method that is applied on materials that are exposed to varying loads to improve the fatigue strength of the material. The method enables the lighter materials to adapt to the maximum mechanical properties of their limits. The wheel peening involves bombarding the material with stressing loads which are also known as shot peening loads. The peening on the surface of the material stops exfoliation of the surface and production of scales on the metal surface. Instead the surface of the material is compressed to being at its best quality.

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Advantages of Wheel Blasting?
  • It has widely superseded other time-consuming and expensive processes.
  • It permits the design of light weight and lower cost.
  • Indexing table type Shot Peening Machine are specially used to cater the components of different industries



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