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UV Resistant Overcoat External Coated Pipe

UV Resistant Overcoat External Coated Pipe
UV Protection of Coated Line Pipe
UV Resistant coated pipe


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The UV Protection of Coated Line Pipe has the first layer as the corrosion protection layer. The steel surface is first blast cleaned and then the epoxy layer is fusion bonded. The uv resistant exterior clear coat is then applied with polyester. It acts as the uv resistant layer by absorbing the harmful UV radiation which can damage the first layer. The uv resistant coated pipe can come in different standards such as CA z245.20, ISO 21809-6 and more. The coating is resistant to rain water and UV radiation in the open. Please contact us for the uv resistant coated overcoat pipes and their prices.

UV Resistant Overcoat External Coated Pipe

UV Resistant Overcoat External Coated Pipe is a dual layer over coating applied on metallic pipes for better protection. The pipes suitable for over coating with the UV resistance range from 25mm to 3000mm in diameter. The UV Resistant Overcoat External Coated Pipe is used above ground and the pipes become extremely corrosion resistant. The dual layer consists of fusion bonded epoxy layer on the pipes with fusion bonded polyester on top of it. The UV Resistant Overcoat External Coating is carried out by an electrostatic process which attracts the protective layers one over the other.

The two coating layers in dual layer coated pipe are as follows:

Layer 1: This is the corrosion protective layer. This layer is of fusion bonded epoxy which offers very good corrosion protection. The fusion bonded epoxy has a very good bonding with the blasted steel surface.
Layer 2: This layer is a coat of fusion bonded polyester. This layer absorbs the UV radiation that causes degradation and erosion of the FBE coating.


Features of Dual Layer FBE Coated Pipes
  • Coating has been designed for good chemical resistance under various installation conditions.
  • Dual Layer FBE coating can be applied from diameters 25 mm to 3000 mm with lengths of up to 12m.
  • Ability to be stored & used in all climatic conditions.
  • Base coat of Fusion bonded epoxy has excellent adhesion to steel & provides long term corrosion protection to steel pipelines operating over a wide range of temperatures.


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Standards And Specifications Dual Layer fusion bonded epoxy coated pipes
  • CSA Z245.20
  • ISO 21809-6
  • IS 3589 Annex C



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