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Protective Coating Pipe

Protective Coating Pipe
Pipeline Corrosion Protection Coatings
Protective Coating Pipe


Provide Pipeline Corrosion Protection Coatings include Zinc-rich/ Polyamide/Amino-amine Epoxy Coating

Protective Coating Pipe is any pipe that has an additional material coated on the surface for the purpose of protecting it from environmental factors. The factors may vary such as the atmospheric gases, water, soil or any other material the Protective Coating Pipe is installed inside. The ingredients of the pipe are also taken into consideration. The materials that flow through the pipes might corrode, wear off or damage the pipes as well. The protective coating for steel pipe can vary in the material used. There are coating materials that are specific for different liquids and gases. The materials used to coat oil and gas pipelines cannot be used to coat the drinking water lines. Also, undersea pipelines need added protection from the salt water.

The pipeline protective coating can either be internal or external or both. Some applications like the chemical applications need pipes to be coated internally to avoid reactions from the circulated chemicals and external coating to protect from the heat, light and atmospheric gases. There are different material coatings such as the Zinc-rich epoxy coating which uses an epoxy resin with zinc in it. One of the most known methods is the three layer 3LPE coating. There are fusion bonded coatings, coal tar enamel coatings, Polyamide epoxy coating and many others. The different materials are used in different applications. Amine epoxy coating is applied using aliphatic amines, polyamides, cycloaliphatic amines and aromatic amines. This type of coating is used in applications that deal with high temperatures. The Amino-amine epoxy coating uses amino amines and it is also mostly used to guard against temperature variations.

Protective Coating Pipe

All above-ground, underground, and underwater piping systems need a protective coating that can help prevent rust and corrosion. When assessing the location of piping systems, the humidity, temperature and UV radiation levels, potential mechanical damage, and chemical exposure are of critical importance.

Zinc-rich epoxy coating – Formulated for steel surfaces, zinc-rich epoxy paint is recommended in applications where high-performance, corrosion-resistant protective coating is required.

Polyamide epoxy coating – Polyamide epoxy paint is a versatile corrosion resistance formulation that can be used as a primer, intermediate, or finish coat. Polyamide epoxy coatings have excellent weathering, acid, alkali delivering one of the best protective coating options for piping systems.

Amine epoxy coating – Forming a hard, abrasion resistant film with superior corrosion resistance, this product is the best fit for highly corrosive environments.

Amino-amine epoxy coating – Ensuring good adhesion and corrosion resistance, amino-amine epoxies provide superior moisture and chemical protection.


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