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LAT-FBE Coatings

LAT-FBE Coatings
Low Application Temperature Fusion Bond Epoxy Powder Coating
LAT-FBE coating pipes


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Since the bonding of the coating is excellent it also provides resistance to cathodic disbondment. Cathodic disbondment occurs when the pipes get charged in the process and the coating starts to peel off the pipe. With these good properties, the coating can operate under low temperatures than most other coatings. Due to the adhesion and low temperature operation, the coating does not affect the steel’s mechanical properties even with high strength steel grades. The lat-fbe coated pipe is used in gas line, oil lines and other applications for large diameter pipes alike the small diameter pipes. Please contact us for more information and order on the Low Application Temperature Fusion Bond Epoxy Powder Coating and pricing.

LAT-FBE coating pipes

LAT-FBE Coating Pipe is an abbreviation for the low application temperature fusion bond epoxy coated pipe. It is used for pipeline designs where stain is expected. The application temperature is required low at these applications. Reliable Pipes Tubes Ltd. produces the LAT-FBE Coating Pipe types in various grades of materials and dimensions of pipes. The method provides excellent corrosion resistance. The lat-fbe pipe lat-fbe pipeline lasts longer because the coating has excellent adhesion onto the steel pipes and it has long term corrosion resistance protection for the pipes.


LAT-FBE Pipes Properties

Minimum pipe diameter 90 mm (3.5”)
Maximum pipe diameter 1220 mm + (48”+)
Minimum recommended handling and construction temperature -30°C
Maximum recommended operating temperature 110°C
Bendability Yes


We Maintain LAT-FBE Coating Pipe in ready stock in various shape, check LAT-FBE pipeline Process


Applications of Low Application Temperature Fusion Bond Epoxy Powder Coating:
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Large Diameter Pipelines
  • Oil Pipelines
  • Small Diameter Pipelines
  • Waterworks Pipelines

Low Application Temperature (LAT) Fusion Bonded Epoxy to save energy, to increase the coating line speed, and to protect the steel properties.

  •  Single-layer low application temperature well below 200°C.
  •  Low Application temperature FBE in 3-layer Polyethylene system down to 160°C.


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