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3LPP Pipe Coating

3LPP Pipe Coating
Three Layer Polypropylene Coated Pipe
3lpp Pipeline


Buy Three Layer Polypropylene Coated Pipe in all shape in Mumbai at an affordable price, get 3lpp Pipeline Coating process

3LPP Pipe Coating is a three layer polypropylene coating technique that uses polypropylene as the coating material. There are three layers in this coating. The outer layer is the polypropylene in the 3lpp pipe coating and there is a middle layer made up of adhesives to bond the epoxy layer inside that is fusion bonded. This special structure protects the material from a number of conditions and materials. The 3lpp pipeline coating is excellent in preventing the steel pipes from being in contact with corrosive chemicals and agents. Also the coating prevents the material to come into contact with any hard surfaced directly and prevents physical damage as well.

The 3lpp coated pipe can come in different specifications such as DIN 30670, CSA Z245.21, AS 4321 and IS 3581. The coating is also resistant to cathodic disbondment, meaning, thee coating is not affected by electric charge which can damage most other types of coatings. The 3lpp pipe can last longer and has higher performance compared to non – coated or other types of coatings. The application of this special coating is mostly in the oil fields which operate under high temperatures. The Three Layer Polypropylene Coated Pipe can be used in abrasion prone applications such as drilling operations and in rocky surface applications.


Standards used for manufacturing of 3LPP Coated Pipes are:

  • DIN 30670
  • CSA Z245.21
  • AS 4321
  • IS 3581


3LLP Inspection & Testing

Property Test Description Typical Values
Degree of cure of epoxy resin DIN 30670 ∆Tg according to the manufacturer specifications
Impact DIN 30670 ≥ 7 J/mm
Cathodic Disbondment DIN 30670 23°C/ 28 days or 60°C/ 2 days max 7 mm
Peel Strenght DIN 30670 > 35 N/cm at 23°C; < 15 N/cm at 70°C


We can supply with customized thicknesses and sizes of 3lpp Coated Pipe as per the requirements of customers


Properties of 3LPP triple layer of polypropylene:

Specific Gravity PE: 0.943 g/cm3.
Elongation at Break ISO 527: > 300%
Hardness: Shore D 52
Minimum recommended temperature: – 40°C.
Maximum recommended temperature: + 80°C


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