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Robotic Shot Peening Process

Robotic Shot Peening Process
Robotic Shot Peening Pipe
Robotic Shot Peening


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By calculating the geometries and other information accurately, the system allows for a continuous follow up on any type of surface. The robotic shot peening process parameters are then fed to the robotic system and the system carefully executes peening onto the surface. The cyclic peening is done with the robotic shot peening pipe which is far better than the conventional peening pipe. The pipes and other products are brought to the calculated maximum of their impact strength, fatigue strength and tensile strength. The pipes are work hardened so that even the hardest pipes can work without brittle when they are robotic shot peening piping. Please contact us for more information on robotic shot peening pipes and prices.


Robotic Shot Peening

Robotic Shot Peening is a type of peening applied on metallic surfaces to increase the strength and to harden the steel. The peening is shooting of peening media onto the surface so that it gets and impact, compresses and hardens the steel. The robotic shot peening is a modern technique adapted by robotic systems to apply the proven peening process. The shooting of media, the velocity, the distance from nozzle and the angle of application in the robotic shot peening process are all decided and or controlled by the robotic system.

Features of Robotic Shot Peening
  • 30 RPM, 1000 lbs. Horizontal Indexing Spindle
  • Fanuc M710i Robot and R30iA Control
  • Horizontal Lance Controlled by Robot
  • Rotating Lance Drive
  • Automatic Shot Peening Media Adder
  • Computer Operator Interface
  • Closed Loop Media Flow Control
  • Closed Loop Air Pressure Control
  • 2 Dual Stage Pressure Pots
  • Vibratory Screening System


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Applications of Robotic Shot Peening?
  • Aircraft Component
  • Propeller Blades
  • Turning Compact Chamber
  • Shot Peening of turbine discs, shafts, and fan blades


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