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Internal and External Coating

Internal and External Coating
Internal Coatings
External and Internal Coating


We can supply Internal Coatings For Gas Pipelines as per Client requirement

Then the internal pipe coating or the external pipe coating is applied. Most coating methods and materials come in layers. There are dual coatings and three layer coating techniques. The internal coatings for gas pipelines differs in the coating material from those for the water pipe lines. There are specific material grades for specific coating applications. The external coated pipeline is used in undersea, under water, underground and in the open atmospheric applications. The internal coated pipe is used in oil and gas, water, chemical and food processing plant applications. Please contact us for internal and external coated pipe prices and more information.

External and Internal Coating

internal and external coating is applied on metallic objects, especially pipes of all grades of metals. The stainless and carbon steel pipes come with the internal and external coating. Reliable Pipes Tubes Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the metal pipes with these coatings. A single pipe can have both the External and Internal Coating or only one depending on the application requirements. The coatings are done in layers. One most known type is the dual layer coating by epoxy resins that is called the fusion bonding epoxy coating. There are other external pipe coating and internal pipe coating methods. The surface of the pipe is first cleaned. Mostly, the blast cleaning techniques are used for ease and for precision cleaning.

Standards of External and Internal Coating
  • CSA Z245.21
  • DIN 30670
  • AWWA C 213
  • IS 3589 Annexure


Properties of External and Internal Coating
  • 3LPE Coating prevents steel pipe from corrosion.
  • Hazen Williams coefficient or ‘C’ value is 150 which stay constant through out the life of the pipe.
  • 3LPE external coating and fusion bonded epoxy internal lining can be applied from diameters 300 mm to 3000 mm with lengths of up to 12m.


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Benefits of External and Internal Coating:
  • Coating life expectancy of above 75 years.
  • Protection over a wide temperature range
  • High Gloss and smooth coatings gives pleasant appearance.
  • High adhesion to steel.
  • Pinhole free homogeneous coating.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Excellent electrical insulation.
  • Low water absorption.
  • High resistance to cathodic disbondment.
  • Provides enhanced corrosion resistant properties.
  • 100% Solvent free- environmentally friendly and no risk of solvent entrapment.
  • High productivity rate enabling quicker availability of coated pipe on site.


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