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Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

UTI Pipeline
Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Pipe

UTI Pipeline Manufacturers

The ultrasonic impact treatment (uti) is carried out by modern machines which are programmable. The CNC milling machines, Lathes, weld tractors and robotic control systems can all use this method. The surface finish becomes better and the work piece is worked upon with precision with the kind of tools, equipment and technology available today. The method is used on aluminum, bronze, cobalt alloys, nickel alloys and all kinds of steels. Carbon steels, stainless steels and high strength low alloy steels all can be treated with the UIT method. The ultrasonic impact treatment pipeline is strong, resistant to embrittlement and has higher impact resistance as well. There are many different practical applications to the method. One remarkable application is the use in bridge construction components which extend the lifespan of bridges by avoiding further stress attack and by improving the tensile strength to the maximum.

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment is also known as the ultrasonic needle treatment or high frequency mechanical treatment. As the name indicates, the Ultrasonic Impact Treatment is applied onto metallic surfaces with ultrasonic means to improve the strength of the material. Instead of shot peening, the ultrasonic treatment is preferred because it can be more precisely designed than the shot peening. The metallic product will get hardened by the energy excerpted by the ultrasonic impact treatment onto the surface. The application of this treatment could be controlled greatly.

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Applications of Ultrasonic Impact Treatment:
  • Improve fatigue resistance.
  • Low roughness
  • Treatment often possible in-situ without dismantling equipment to isolate the work piece.
  • Reduction in the amount of medias, energy and compressed air used.


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