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Shot Peening

Shot Peening
Shot Peening process
Shot Peening

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Shot Peening process is a method used to produce a compressed layer along with changing the properties of a metal. The Difference Between Shot Blasting and Shot Peening is that shot blasting is a process that can be used to either clean or to prepare a material; whereas the latter is a process that is precisely controlled with the media being carefully selected media, along with the intensity being controlled as well. Shot peening is a cold process that applies stress on the surface of metals. Internal Shot peening uses steel ‘shots’ that have been accelerated to the surface, which would imply that no dust is created. Thus, causing less pollution in comparison to sandblasting.

Unlike sandblasting, shot peening coating is commonly used in the aerospace, automotive as well as construction industries. These are industries that use a specific set of metals. Shot peening media such as the Shot Peening Pipe needs to have the exact same diameter. This is highly recommended in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the material upon impact.

Advantages of using this process are that it improves the hardness and durability of the materials while also increasing its lifespan by strengthening the component. Moreover, the Surface imperfections are also eliminated while being an economical method of blasting material and preventing the formation of cracks once the material is under compressive stress.

Advantages of Shot Peening

  • Shot Peening increases resistance to: Fatigue failure, Corrosion fatigue, Hydrogen assisted cracking, Cavitation erosion, Stress corrosion cracking, Galling Fretting.
  • Shot Peening Helps with: surface texturing, intergranular corrosion resistance, closing of porosity, testing of bond coatings, work hardening, increased strength, and increased durability.


We provide the Difference Between Shot Blasting and Shot Peening online


Propeller Blades

  • Component: Aircraft propeller blade on Face and Camber
  • Advantages: Stress corrosion resistance, resistance to fatigue failure.

Crank shafts

  • Component: Compressor crank Shaft radii
  • Advantages: Induce compressive stress to improve fatigue failure.


  • Component: Crankshaft gear, Pinions
  • Advantage: Resistance to fatigue failure, stress corrosion resistance, lubrication

Internal Shot peening

  • Components: PE granules transportation pipes
  • Advantages: Increase in flow rate, prevention of Angel hair formation, prevention of classifier choking,


  • Components: Collars
  • Advantages: Anti galling, stress corrosion resistance, resistance to fatigue failure.

On site

  • Component: Centre shaft of Roll assy (5mtrs long)
  • Advantages: Resistance to fatigue failure

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