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pneumatic peening process

pneumatic peening process
Pneumatic Peening
Pneumatic Peening Pipe


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The pneumatic peening pipe gets work hardened on the inside by peening it on the outside. This enhances the fatigue strength of the pipes. The pneumatic peening pipeline is therefore crack resistance to wearing. The pipes are also pushed to their maximum tensile strength due to the hardening process. The hydrogen embrittlement on pipes is reduced because the pipe is strengthened by compressing the material enough so that it does not brittle. The pneumatic peening procedure allows some of the very hard grades of steels to be used in applications without embrittlement.

Pneumatic Peening

Pneumatic Peening means air assisted peening. Peening is a process of shooting something at something else. In the metallurgic terms, peening is throwing particles at a metal surface to strengthen it. The Pneumatic Peening involves throwing particles at the steel surface with compressed air. An air gun and a pump are used to throw the particles at high speeds via a nozzle. This is effective on differently shaped surface of the metal. The pneumatic peening process can be applied on spherical surface, glass beads and on cut wires. The air pressure is adjusted to increase and decrease the velocity of the shot stream in order to manage the energy provided at impact of the shot media.


Advantages of Pneumatic Peening?
  • Enhances fatigue strength
  • Prevents hydrogen embrittlement
  • Improves ultimate strength
  • Can permit the use of very hard steels by reducing brittleness
  • Prevents cracking due to wear


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We work on Pneumatic Peening of
  • Drive Shafts
  • Tank Shafts
  • Stem
  • Knobs
  • Crank Shafts
  • Compression Springs
  • Propeller Blades
  • Gears


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