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Blast Cleaning Coatings

Blast Cleaning Coatings
Pipe Blast Cleaning
Blast cleaning


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The coatings have to adhere on the surface. Any impurities will deteriorate the quality of the coating. Due to this reason, blast cleaning is first applied to clean the surface of any impurities and then the coating is applied. The abrasive blast cleaning is used mostly in the cleaning and surface preparation of steel material. It is also used in the cleaning of machinery, paint removal, architectural surface cleaning and removal of existing coatings before applying new ones. The commercial blast cleaning is used in aerospace blasting, automotive, construction sites, offshore and oil industries and in rails as well. The blasting techniques can be used with different materials such as soda or sand. The blasting is often named by the material used such as sand blast cleaning. Please contact us for information and guidelines on blast cleaning.

What Is Blast Cleaning?

Blast Cleaning is one of the cleaning methods for surfaces where compressed air is used in a blast to clean. The blast cleaning requires abrasive particles to be blasted at the surface at high speeds. The term blast is coined because of the high speed blast of the compressed air with the abrasive particles. For applications and metallic surfaces where the surface needs to be cleaned by dry methods, and no liquid is recommended, the pipe blast cleaning is applied. Depending on the material that is cleaned, the abrasive particles will be chosen. For much harder and tough pipes and metallic surfaces, much abrasive material is used. The blast cleaning coating is a term used to describe the cleaning of a metallic surface before applying coating.


Blast cleaning for priming:
  • heat treated
  • ferrous-non ferrous castings
  • forgings


Grit blasting:
  • Fabricated parts


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Glass Beading:
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textile/paper industry
  • SS pipes and bends


Aesthetic Finishing:
  • Fine media
  • Aluminum, brass surface
  • Resin material
  • Prior to electroplating
  • Engraving on Stone marble


  • Stone idols, Metal statues, Vintage cars and bikes
  • Some restoration work done – Khada Parsi, brass parts, metal statues



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