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Solvent Free Coating

Solvent Free Coating
Solvent Free Phenolic Epoxy Coating
Solvent-free Polyurethane Coatings


Searching for Solvent Free Epoxy and Ceramic Coating? we at Reliable specialize in offering Solvent Free Phenolic Epoxy Coating Process

These are good against corrosion, weathering and any other degrading process such as abrasion. The solvent free ceramic coating is used on applications where the impact stress is low. It is protective against most reducing and oxidizing agents such as strong acids and bases. The solvent free epoxy floor coating is applied on large areas of floor to keep it clean without rusting and dust accumulation. The coated surfaces are also easy to clean. There are different brands and companies that specialize in the coating materials such as the antel epoxy solvent free coating. [Company Name] is distributor and supplier of the coating materials for various types of steels and other materials. The solvent free epoxy resin coating is effective and increases the life span of the coated products. Please contact us for different types of coating such as solvent free phenolic epoxy coating and others.

Solvent Free Coatings

Solvent Free Coating is a type of coating done on materials, mostly metals to protect them against damaging agents and conditions. The process involves no solvents. So the Solvent Free Coating is mostly healthy, and environmentally friendly as the coating does not use solvents and therefore no effluence is discharged after the solvent free coating process. The coatings are often abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and non – flammable. The solvent free epoxy coating, oil coating and paints are some of the solvent free coatings. The coating material can have up to 5% adhesives or solvent to qualify as solvent free coatings. There are different specific materials used for coatings such as the solvent-free polyurethane coatings.


Features of Solvent Free Coatings:
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Compatible with A/R, Mirror & Metalizing Treatments
  • UV-Cure
  • Non-flammable
  • Solvent-Free, 100% Solids


Substrate Materials:
  • Acrylic
  • CR-39® & RAV  7®
  • Glass
  • Polycarbonate (PC)


Here We provide Solvent-free Polyurethane Coatings, Antel Epoxy Solvent Free Coating, Solvent Free Epoxy Floor and Resin Coating

Advantages of Solvent-free epoxy coatings:
  • Reduces overall weight of the pipe
  • Increases flow of water through the pipe
  • Reduces pumping costs and energy consumption
  • Inhibits bacteria and fungal growth


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