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Flap Peening

Flap Peening
Flap Peening Pipeline
Flap Peenings


We deliver Flap Peening Pipeline with standard sizes, check Flap Peening Vs Shot Peening Difference

The flap peening procedure then is carried out by throwing the media stream at the selected surface for the calculated time period. The shot peening enables the surface to become strong enough and to overcome embrittlement. Some of the hardest grades of the steels are peened so that they can be used in applications without any brittle. The flap peening pipeline gets to its maximum tensile strength. The pipes are resistant to hydrogen embrittlement because they have been compressed through impact stress to reach their maximum strength. The flap peening vs shot peening has its own advantages such as localized treatment of smaller products and portable systems. Please contact us to know more about the process.


Flap Peenings

Flap Peening is another method of peening. Peening is the process of strengthening a metal with impact shots thrown at it with peening media. The flap peening or the rotary peening is a method that is applied to products that cannot be moved or accessed easily. The Flap Peening systems are portable so that they could be brought to the place where the metallic products are fitted. The flap peening process involves cleaning the material if necessary to remove the impurities before starting to shoot the media stream. The impurities might produce undesired results.

Applications of Flap Peenings:
  • Landing Gear Assemblies
  • Wing Structures
  • Bond Testing
  • Weld Heat Affect Zone
  • Helicopter Rotor Hubs
  • Jet Engine Support Members


view Flap Peening Process, Supplying Flap Peening Pipeline in various thicknesses or with any specifications that the clients.

Advantages of Flap Peenings
  • It improves the material properties.
  • It can also be cut with scissors to peen confined areas or peen into areas, and peening holes with a radius down to 1/16 “(1.6mm).
  • It provide convenient portability and are especially effective for precision in service rework



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