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Dual Layer FBE Pipe Coating

Dual Layer FBE Pipe Coating
Dual Layer FBE Coated Pipe
Dual Layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Pipe


Searching for Dual Layer FBE Coated Pipe? we at Reliable specialize in offering Dual Layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Pipe

dual layer fbe pipe coating is a type of coating done on metallic pipes to protect them from corrosion. The fbe coating can be either internal or external. The internal coating requires a minimum pipe size. Reliable Pipes Tubes Ltd. is a leading supplier and manufacturer of dual layer fbe pipe coating. The internal coating is done on pipes ranging from ½ inches to 80 inches in diameter. The external coating does not have a size limit for the pipes. The pipes are first cleaned with blasting. Sand blasting and other abrasive agent blasting is applied first and the surface of the pipe is deprived of any impurities.

The epoxy resin layer is then applied by electrostatic methods. The second layer in the Dual Layer Fbe Coated Pipe is the polyester layer. The polyester layer is applied to protect the epoxy layer from coming off of the pipe. The second layer is applied on the first layer by electrostatic process as well. The both layers are bonded by fusion with the steel and with each other by fusion because of the electrostatic procedures. It is expensive to have Dual Layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Pipe but it reduces costs of damage replacements and wearing offs. So it becomes cost effective over time. Please contact us for more information on the dual layer coating and the prices.

Dual Layer FBE Coated Pipe

This coating provides great corrosion resistance, resistance to cathodic disbondment and resistance to abrasion and physical damage. Dual Layer fusion bonded epoxy coating are thermoset hardening layers of epoxy resin applied to the steel pipes using an electrostatic process which helps tp protect them against corrosion. The external coating is provided for corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance and has very low moisture permeability. High Gloss and smooth coatings gives pleasant appearance.


The two coating layers in dual layer FBE coating pipe are as follows:

Layer 1: It is called corrosion protective layer. This layer is of fusion bonded epoxy which offers very excellent corrosion protections. The fusion bonded epoxy has a very excellent bonding with the blasted steel surface.

Layer 2: This layer consist of coat of fusion bonded epoxy (abrasion resistant). This layer protects the base coat of FBE from abrasion and als from physical damage.


Dual Layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Pipe Application:
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Large Diameter Pipelines
  • Oil Pipelines
  • Small Diameter Pipelines
  • Waterworks Pipelines


Here We Provide Dual Layer FBE Pipe Coating Process Online


Dual Layer FBE Coated Pipes Standards:
  • CSA Z245.20
  • IS 3589 Annex C
  • ISO 21809-6


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