Manufacturing Facilities

API steel pipe manufacturers

The pipe manufacturing plant is located at Taloja, Navi Mumbai is one of the pioneer steel pipe manufacturer in India using High Frequency Induction welding Process (HFIW).

Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. is capable of manufacturing pipes from ½” (15 mm) to 14” (350mm) dia.

Pipe can be supplied in double random length (Upto 42ft, depending upon size) and has facilities for internal de-beading (2” & above) & seam annealing (4” & above). The pipes can be rolled from the minimum thickness of 1.65mm to the maximum thickness of 9.50 mm (depending upon the size). The pipe can be manufactured upto ST52 Grade.

The list of approval continues to grow in recognisation to company’s commitment to excellence. The API Monogram, BIS Certification, ISO, Approval from all Oil Sector Majors from India are just a few of Reliable’s Approval.


API steel pipe manufacturers

Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. is the most versatile producer of HFI welded steel API5L pipes serving Oil and Gas, Construction and many other demanding markets.

We are manufacturers & suppliers of Seamless steel pipes, API 5L X42 Pipe, API 5L X46 Pipe, API 5L X52 Pipe, API 5L X56 Pipe, API 5L X60 Pipe, API 5L X65 Pipe, API 5L X70 Pipe, API 5L X80 Pipe, API 5L X100 Pipe, API 5l Pipe, API 5L PSL1 Pipe, API 5L PSL2 Pipe, API 5L Seamless Line Pipe, API 5L Welded Pipe, API 5L ERW Pipe, API 5L EFW Pipe, API 5L HFW Pipe, API 5L HSAW Pipe, API 5L Line Pipe, API 5L DSAW Pipe, API 5L SAW Pipe, API 5L LSAW Pipe, API 5L SSAW Pipe, API 5L Spiral Pipe, API 5L Grade B Pipe, SCH 40 API Pipe, SCH 80 API Pipe, Galvanized Steel Pipe, black steel pipe, ERW Steel Pipe, sour service pipe, API 5L tubular, Anti Corrosion Pipes, Hot Rolled Steel Pipe, Cold Drawn Seamless Tube, API 5ct pipe, API 5dp drill pipe, Sour Service Drill Pipe (SS75, SS95, and SS105), Large Diameter Pipe, Thick Wall ERW Pipe, API 5L Seamless Pipe, API 5L Gr B Seamless Steel Pipe, API 5L Grade B Carbon Steel Welded Pipe, API 5L Grade B Carbon Steel ERW Pipe & Tubes, API 5L Grade B Line Pipe, API 5L Grade B PSL2, API 5L Grade B LSAW Pipe, Spiral Submerged Arc Welded pipes, Electric Resistance welded pipes, Longitudinal Submerged Arc welded pipes, and Oil steel pipes used for Oilfield, Oil & Gas related projects.

The company HFI Welded 5L Pipes has current range of ½” – 14”. A commitment to quality is readily visible from the procurement of raw material to the finished product by the way of investment made in sophisticated Computer control technologies that allow the operators to monitor all the critical parameter including welding variables on a real term basis throughout the production cycle.

This capability has been a key factor in acceptance of Reliable as a unique producer of Welded steel pipe by all Oil sector majors in India like –

  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
  • Oil India Ltd.
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  • Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  • Gas Authority of India Ltd.

Manufacturing Process of API 5L Pipes

API steel pipe manufacturers

Critical Welding variables monitored and controlled:

  • Power
  • Current
  • Temperature
  • Line Speed
  • Efficiency K-Factor
  • Metal Flow angle

API steel pipe manufacturers


  1. Being an integrated pipe mill, easy access to Raw Material enables speedy execution of orders.
  2. State of the art technology, latest testing equipments ensures adherence to international standards.
  3. Automated systems and processes helps in real time tracking of pipe orders till despatch.
  4. Minimal human interference that ensures high degree of precision and consistency.
  5. High production to manpower ratio due to automation of processes.
  6. Logistical advantage: Easy access to jetty and road ensures timely execution and delivery of orders across the world.

API steel pipe manufacturers


The manufacturing process used for HSAW pipes consists of two steps:

  1. Pipe forming combined with continuous tack welding.
  2. Final internal and external submerged arc welding at separate welding stations.

The two step technology offers both quality and economic benefits such as:

  • High pipe forming speed by continuous Tack Welding.
  • Emphasis on pipe geometry on pipe forming machine without hindrance by SAW process, resulting in tightest tolerance even without cold expansion with respect to.
  • Straightness.
  • Roundness.
  • Accuracy of diameter.

High quality due to implementation of process automation technology.

API steel pipe manufacturers

HSAW forming mill has main drive feed motor with 500,000 Nm torque enabling pipe formation of 1 inch wall thickness comfortably

Plant Configuration
H-SAW – 1 & 2 Diameter 16" to 100"
Grade API 5L – X 80
Thickness 6.0mm to 25.4mm
Pipe Length (max) 12.5 meter
Current Capacity 275000 TPA


  • Capacity to produce pipes with very close Diameter – Thickness ratio.
  • Ultrasonic Testing capable to scan 100% area of 5 meters wide plates to ensure internal soundness prior to pipe forming.
  • LSAW Mill is equipped with 6000 MT JCO press, having capacity to form pipes of 65 mm WT.
  • Cold Expander (13 meters) to ensure tight and uniform control on pipe dimensions.
  • Fully automated size and data controlled cold expander to ensure tight and uniform control on pipe dimensions.
Plant Configuration
LSAW Diameter 16" to 64"
Grade API 5L – x 80
Thickness 6.0mm to 65mm
Pipe Length (max) 12.5 meters
Current Capacity 325,000 TPA
Technology Support JCO

API steel pipe manufacturers


  • Deploys Buggy system, which facilitates smooth pipe movement and eliminates air entrapment.
  • Pipe curing system enables higher productivity.
  • The coating facility is designed to maintain dust – free atmosphere by separating shot blasting and coating.